Mark Richman on the Issues

Safe Streets, Safe Families

As Deputy District Attorney for the county, I’ve seen what works – and what doesn’t – in protecting our community from crime. We have to make sure that tight corrections budgets lead to greater efficiency, not cuts to programs that help kids who made mistakes get their lives back on track.

There’s nothing you can do to fully prepare a young girl to testify against their abuser and then face cross-examination. It’s taught me the value in weighing the outcome of a situation against the cost, seeing the big picture, and knowing that when people are counting on you for justice you cannot offer anything less than everything you have.

As your State Representative, I’ll bring the same passion I have serving crime victims to representing you in Salem.

Education and our Economy: Partners for Prosperity

State government creates symbiotic relationships between priorities that affect one-another. We can’t have stable funding for schools without a robust economy, and we can’t have a competitive workforce without world-class education for our kids.

I’m tired of seeing programs that support our local economy being maligned by politicians claiming it takes money from our schools. Adding jobs means adding taxpayers, and that means more long-term funding for education – not less.

Our county has lead the state’s recovery, in large part due to incentives offered through Strategic Investment and Gain Share programs. These programs allow modest tax incentives for employers who add substantial numbers of jobs. I will protect this important economic engine from legislative efforts to dismantle it.

Protecting Our Honored Citizens

As a prosecutor, Mark has held dozens of offenders accountable who have taken advantage of elderly victims. Mark will work to strengthen laws that protect our seniors.

Inspiring Future Generations

In addition to his work as a Deputy District Attorney, Mark spends his evenings teaching competitive ballroom dance. Mark has been a national competitor for 17 years, but now spends most of his free time coaching young people in the sport and building their self-confidence.

“When kids are passionate about something, they open their minds to welcome hard work and find motivation to constantly improve. That’s why I teach.”
- Mark Richman

We'll be adding more content here as we get closer to November. For now, if you have a question for Mark, please e-mail him here, or call him on his mobile line at (503) 914-9731.

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