About Mark

Mark Richman (R - Hillsboro) is a Deputy District Attorney for Washington County. During his 9 years as a prosecutor, he has handled a full spectrum of cases, including Attempted Aggravated Murder, Arson, Sexual Assault, Burglary, Identity Theft, drug dealing, domestic violence, and elder abuse. Mark is currently assigned to the Juvenile Unit and serves on Washington County's Drug Court.

In his spare time, Mark Richman is a competitive ballroom dancer and instructor. Mark coaches youth competitors and is also the President of the local chapter of a national amateur dance organization. His chapter recently successfully ran the NW Dancesport Championships, a qualifying event for the National Championship, in Portland.

Mark was born and raised in Portland, going to Raleigh Park Elementary School, Whitford Middle School, and Beaverton High School. He went east for undergraduate at the George Washington University, where he studied International Affairs, and got his law degree at the George Mason University School of Law.

Mark is Proudly Endorsed by:

  • Pat Garrett
    Washington County Sheriff
  • Bob Hermann
    Washington County District Attorney
  • Jerry Willey
    Mayor of Hillsboro
  • Andy Duyck
    Washington County Commission Chair
  • Bob Terry
    Washington County Commission Vice-Chair
  • Bruce Starr
    State Senator
  • Shawn Lindsay
    Former State Representative, District 30
  • Katie Eyre
    Former State Representative, District 29
  • Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • The Oregonian
  • The Hillsboro Arugs
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • National Rifle Association
  • Oregon Family Farm Association PAC
  • Oregon Small Business Association PAC
  • Oregon Taxpayers Association
  • Oregon Nurseries' PAC
  • Oregon Cattle PAC
  • Sheriffs of Oregon PAC
  • Oregon Chiefs of Police
  • Common Sense for Oregon PAC
  • Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon

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