Mark Richman - Your Next State Representative in Washington County

Meet Mark Richman – a Deputy District Attorney for Washington County and your next State Representative. Click here to learn more about Mark and see who has endorsed him. While you're here, please sign-up to volunteer for the campaign or learn more about the issues Mark is running on for Washington County.

“As a Deputy District Attorney, I have prosecuted attempted murder, arson, sexual assault, elder abuse, domestic violence and everything in-between. I’ve seen the best and worst in people and the system. When you spend that much time working with those who live in the margins of society, you learn the value of second chances along with the importance of enforcing consequences.”- Mark

Fairness and Freedom for Washington County

“I’ve always wanted to help make the world a better place. A sense of fairness has compelled me to make a career out of advocating for crime victims and seeing that responsible parties are held accountable. I’m a firm believer that Government also
needs to be flexible, to prevent people from getting stuck in an endless loop of bureaucracy. Above all, I believe in Freedom – earned by sacrifice and requiring personal responsibility from all of us who are blessed enough to have it.”

Mark Richman
Candidate for State Representative

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